My URL Shortener

Ever thought about why all those URL shorteners are free? It doesn’t take long to come up with great reasons for using your own script…

Do you you know who controls the URL shortening service you use when on Twitter or elsewhere?

Why’s it important to know this? Well here’s 8 reasons:

1.The link you set up could later may be redirected to a porn site, which would look like you recommended it. Embarrassing if your mother thinks it links to your Linked In profile.

2. The link may drop dozens of affiliate cookies before redirecting the user.

3. The link can be changed from 301 to 302 to iframe or to anything else, depending on the desire of the owner.

4. The link may send YOU to the site you set up the redirect for, based on your IP number, but send everyone else to your competitor.

5. The link may send all humans to the site you set up, but send Googlebot to somewhere else.

6. The domain may disappear overnight, in which case you lose all your links.

7. The shorturl owner can see all your click data from your links.

8. The shorturl owner might sell the Domain to a competitor who can also do all of the above.

So… Feel free to use my URL shortener but only because you trust me more than the other guy! What terms of use would you like on such a service?


2 thoughts on “My URL Shortener”

  1. Ah, here’s the URL shortener!
    I only popped in to find that and got sucked into reading your posts again, all good stuff Dixon and thanks for the URL shortener too.

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