SMX Stockholm

imageI love this job at times. I have NO customers in Sweden and I have to be honest – there are plenty of clever enough Scandinavian Search Marketers out there. But somehow I seem to have been asked back to Stockholm time and again, for both SES and now SMX. I think that this happens partly because I have no real interest in being “salesy” at these kinds of locations. Some speaking events I do, I admit, see as a chance to network and hopefully pick up some leads. Others – like stockholm – are a reward in their own right for me.

Stockholm is a fantastic city. Steeped in history and cleaner than a baby’s bottom. I think chewing gum and marker pens must be restricted or something.

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  1. You are obviously asked to speak in Stockholm as you are a great speaker with a broad knowledge base blended with a great sence of humor!
    Dixon Jones will always deliver and we pay him with Absolut Vodka 😉

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