I’ve gone nofollow free… Good or bad thing?

Most WordPress blogs these days use nofollow tags – a Google promoted device to make a vague attempt at stopping link spam. i think it may have also dampened the desire to debate on blogs though. The debates are now being dragged into Facebook groups or back behind walled gardens at Google’s expense as well as the public’s.

What do you think? nofollow free – good idea or bad?

Regardless of your opinion, here’s how to eliminate nofollows in your comments:

I am experimenting with two plugins to do this “Nofollowfree” and “Nofollowcasebycase“. Not sure which is the better yet. To install a plugin to WordPress you really need FTP access to your WordPress site. You download the plugin, and then unzip it (Don’t try and put a zipped file onto the server. It doesn’t work). The unzipped contents should, themselves be in a directory and need to be put in the wp-content/plugins directory on the server. For some people, that will be /public_html/wp-content/plugins.

That’s not it though. You then need to activate the plugin from within WordPress. Log into the /wp-admin area and click on “plugins” on the far right of the screen to do this.


11 thoughts on “I’ve gone nofollow free… Good or bad thing?

  1. I think the growing popularity of nofollow is really going to harm the internet in the long run. The internet was created by sites linking to one another and then search engines created bots to crawl those links. If the search engines stop crawling links then we’ll be missing out on a lot.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. I have to agree, nofollow free allows an inventive for webmasters to comment with some reward. However plugins and mechanisms need to be put in place to battle pure spam or comments that provide little value.

    Akismet as well as Delink Comment Author help but an active and on the ball admin or editor is a big part of the equation.

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