How did THAT get a good Quality Score?

I’ve been getting really annoyed at Google’s semantics mapping, but now I think Google’s PPC team should be eating humble pie.


5 thoughts on “How did THAT get a good Quality Score?”

  1. I took a bit of time before i clicked. The question is dd they have SEO on a broad match or did they choose the key term “rubbishseo”

  2. Maybe I was a bit hasty and assumed that everyone would know what I was trying to get at, with two lines of explanation and a badly sized image. Sorry about that… will try to rectify.

    My point is that Google’s algo has taken to assuming that two words merged into one should in fact be seen as two words, whether they were intended or not. THis has happened in the organic results for a while, but it is now affecting the AdWords system quite a lot as well. So many brands are made up of two words (or some misspelling of two words) that it is highly unlikely that even the most able PPC expert will be able to spot this kind of behaviour in advance.

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