I had an interesting day. As I sit here repairing my PC with a complete clean installation, I thought I’d share the interesting bits. I promise not to take too long.

Using Ninite.com to REALLY make a PC reinstall easier.

I think I used this once before, but it has come on a LONG way since then. Ninite.com let’s you select which packages (all free or trials) you want on your PC by just checking them on a screen, then… instead of having to download and install everyone individually… something which woudl really take me days to do, frankly, it downloads one file and installs everything at once. Simple to use and simply brilliant!

At the touch of a button I am installing everything from Silverlight to Dropbox as I speak. In an instant I have an FTP program, a CD burner, iTunes, an HTML editor and in all I selected 20 programs which frankly every Internet professional could hardly live without. OK… I COULD have lived without iTunes and installed Spotify instead, but I’m there now.

It even lets you install a trial version of Office.

Even if your PC is up and running, I woudl recommend having a look if you always wanted to download those extra programs but never had the time.

Ninite also has a professional version. I think this must be brilliant for large organisations who want to always set up PCs with certain specs. Highly recommended.

So why did I need to format my PC?

Every now and then, my PC seemed to lock on startup. I could pull out the plug and reboot it, but what a pain every other morning. In addition… and in the end the straw that broke the camel’s back… it looks like one of the major firefox toolbars was passing lots of information about me back to someone somewhere. This had the effect of occassionally bringing my Firefox to a grind for 10 seconds or so. Now I can’t say for sure which plugin it was, but I would suggest that if you find your Firefox going slower than your Internet Explorer then you have a problem and it may need fixing.

Oh… and Yahoo Site Explorer stopped working

I probably should have mentioned that first really. Yahoo announced two days ago that they were moving forward with their Bing integration and that has already meant that the “linkdomain” command in Yahoo has stopped working for US internet users. I hear that it will be cut off in Europe next week.

This is really significant, because practically anyone with tools that gove backlink data to you for free is scraping Yahoo using this command to get the link data. Not everyone, but most. Even people using Yahoo’s API are in no better shape, since this is dying too. From here on in, Yahoo is showing BING results and that means using BING operators. Bing does have one useful operator that you can try though. The “Linkfromdomain” command. It’s not the same (the clue is in the name) but does have some uses.

Right…. Ninite has installed all my apps… off to see if Windows 7 really is that much better than XP.


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