I only just noticed a video interview (above) that I did with Dr. Ralph Wilson of web marketing today on how to attract affiliates. In it, one of the things I talk about is looking for affiliate link signatures to track down your competitor’s affiliates. I should probably explain how you might do that. For example, let’s look at Amazon affiliates. I just searched the web and found an Amazon affiliates link for a self help book. A right click on the image lets me copy the link into, so that I can see how the affiliate links to Amazon. It is a link like this:


Looking at another book on the same site we can see this link:

So between the two, we can see the difference between the two links. If we want to find all the people that are affiliates of a particualar book at Amazon, say the “anger control workbook”, then we are looking for links that START with http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ … MajesticSEO’s link analysis let’s you sort by url – or even by part URL. So you can use MajesticSEO to find affiliates of a certain genre and use this to attract them to your program.

Here’s another example, more suited to most of us in small businesses.┬áMary Ferrin writes and runs www.dinnnerandamurder.com one of her affiliates is http://www.great-murder-mystery-games.com/death-by-chocolate.html and you can see that his page links to: http://www.dinnerandamurder.com/games/chocolate.htm?family=acc396a2&game=6a49e062 For a much more reasonable cost, I can find other affiliates linking to that page with the same ?family prefix by forcing an analysis in Majestic for links that ONLY contain “http://www.dinnerandamurder.com/games/chocolate.htm?family” in them.

He presto! Here are her other affiliates!


Guess what you should do next with this data as a Merchant? Check these against your own affiliate list to see who you haven’t got. Since I own Murder Mystery Games… guess what I plan to do next week?


Magnus Nilsson · January 15, 2010 at 11:01 am

Very good tip, and great case study for majesticSEO.

Joe Connor · January 18, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Hi Dixon, enjoyed the vid, loved the Shak quote, classic.

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